Museum of Folklore in Hoi An

Museum of Folklore in Hoi An is the former old house which is typical one in Hoi An. It is 57m in length and 09m in width including 2 storeys, wooden floors, and two faces. This place exhibits about 500 artifacts with 4 featured themes.

Museum of Folklore in Hoi An

Museum of Folklore in Hoi An

This is one of the thematic museums that is special in Hoi An. Thanks to images, original artifacts, performed activities, this museum has shown the value of thickness’ traditional culture, the creativity as well as the contributions of local residents in the process of construction and development in this Hoi An Land.

Folk art shape in Hoi An

Folk art shape in Hoi An
It is expressed through sculptures, embossed wooden items – reliefs in porcelain – statues, decorative objects in bronze, terracotta – ink wash paintings, color paintings – horizontal lacquered board, and, nacred parallel sentences (or ones encrusted with snails)… They express talent and fineness of the generation of artisans in Hoi An.

Traditional art performances in Hoi An

Bai Choi (Bài Chòi) is a lively, fun, and popular folk game in Hoi An as well as some regions in the Central which attracts numerous players in from countryside to city especially on Tet holiday or other big festivals.

Thien Cau Dance - Museum of Folklore in Hoi An

Thien Cau Dance

• Thien Cau Dance (Múa Thiên Cẩu): is a kind of quite a special mascot dance which is handed down long-standing and has become a typical folk dance in Hoi An. It comes with the meaning of exorcism, blessing, asking for the bright moon to get bumper crop especially it is associated with the mid-Autumn Festival as a profound image in hearts of locals in Hoi City.

• Ba Trao Sing (Hát Bả Trạo) is a type of traditional art performances which has an important role in the spiritual life of Hoi An fishermen in particular, the Central Coast in general. It is regularly held on festivals for fishermen in order to pray for peace in front of the vast sea, and fishing bumper.

The traditional villages in Hoi An

Silk threads in Hoi An Museum of Folklore

Silk threads

They have existed and get a strong attachment Hoi An Land such as business, seafood fishing, farming, traditional medicine, Kim Bong carpentry, Nam Dieu – Thanh Ha pottery, and especially that’s traditional sewing which is long-standing with quick sewing services that is popular with both home and outside customers.

Traditional folk activities in Hoi An

Dining table in Museum of Folklore

Dining table

• Traditional costumes in Hoi An as well as lifestyle are features showing strong cultural tradition of a community especially with a community including multiple levels and many different original points as Hoi An.
• Wedding customs in Hoi An have both the common elements of the nation and the specific characteristics of this place.

In addition, the first floor of Hoi An Museum of Folklore also showcases some products of the traditional villages in Hoi An such as lanterns, silk goods, làpoonah-paper picture (tranh giay do), weaving mats and performed activities for visitors.

Ticket: include in the Hoi An Ancient Town’s ticket.
Address: No.62, Bach Dang Street, Hoi An, Vietnam
Opening: Open daily from 7:00 – 21:00

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