Nguyen Tuong Family Chapel

Nguyen Tuong Family Chapel

Nguyen Tuong Family Chapel

It is usually called Dinh Ong Lon. This relic has a special value which is associated with the development of Nguyen Tuong Family in Hoi An and Tu Luc Van Doan Group [*] as well as keeps many rare books and antique.


• The initiated constructor for this Nguyen Tuong Family Chapel is Mr. Nguyen Tuong Van.

• This building was starting to build in the early beginning of the 19th century. In 2005, it was largely renovated by our State.

The front of Nguyen Tuong Family Chapel

The front of Nguyen Tuong Family Chapel

• In 2008, Nguyen Tuong Family Temple ranks as the historic, cultural relic and the artistic architecture of provincial level.

• Until the middle of 2013, it was opened to welcome visitors. Now, this temple is in care and preservation of the 10th generation descendant.

Nguyen Tuong Family Chapel is a unique building of art and architecture

• There are two three-step staircases (one for male and one for female) leading to the temple. Its window is designed and shaped after Buddha’s hand. Separating the porch and the interior part is 3 sets of “Thuong Song Ha Ban” (each has 4 doors).

Antique furniture in Nguyen Tuong Family Chapel

Antique furniture

• The system of truss columns in this temple has a harmonious combination of various styles in architecture for both front and back roof.

Nowadays, Nguyen Tuong Family Chapel displays a lot of valuable artifacts

• The decrees, instruments of Mr. Nguyen Tuong Van and his son – Nguyen Tuong Vinh over the lifetimes of Gia Long King, Minh Mang King, Thieu Tri King, Tu Duc King.

• The pair of wooden vases is engraved Dragon shapes dating back more than 100 years.

• Many rare books of Tu Luc Van Doan Group such as Doan Tuyet novel of Nhat Linh Writer, or Muoi Dieu Tam Niem of Hoang Dao Writer as well as Nhat Linh Writer’s copies of pictures, and many antiques of the family.

Rare books in Nguyen Tuong Family Chapel

Rare books

Another proud thing of Nguyen Tuong Family is 10 thing Village Regulation (Huong Uoc Thap Dieu) of Hoi An. This document is written in Chinese. Nguyen Tuong Tiep drafted at the end of the 19th century. It has a lot of research values of Cam Pho Village’s village regulation. Moreover, this is also the first one found in Hoi An.

Ticket: including in the Old Town’s ticket.
Address: 8/2, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Hoi An, Vietnam
Opening: Open daily from 08:00-17:00

* What is Tu Luc Van Doan Group, learn more at Wikipedia.