How to get a Vietnam Visa for tourist & business?

Vietnam like any other country has a process to get their visa and you must meet specific qualifications for you to get the visa. The best place to apply for Vietnam visa is in our embassies in various countries but the terms of application change depending on the country where you live.

Vietnam visa

You can get either business visa or tourist visa depending on what you want to go and do in Vietnam. Many people visit the country as tourists with others making business trips.

There are different ways of applying for the visa to Vietnam, which includes going physically to the Vietnam embassy in your country or apply online where you can get a Vietnam e-visa, or apply for an approval letter.

The approval letter enables you to travel and then pick your visa on arrival to Vietnam.

Vietnam visa exemption

Paying a visit to Vietnam not everybody will need a visa, there are some nationalities which have visa exemption for some period.

  • Brunei, Myanmar: visa exemption for 14 days.
  • Japan, South Korea, Belarus, Finland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, German, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, and France: enjoy visa exemption for 15 days.
  • Philippines: visa exemption for 21 days.
  • Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Kyrgyzstan: enjoy up to 30 days visa exemption.
  • Chile: up to 90 days for free

You can see the full list here, updated on 09 February 2018 by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam.

Once the exemption period elapses, you will need to have the Vietnam visa for you to continue staying in the country and the application will now take place in the country since you are already there.

You might have to visit the relevant offices or just make the application online but is good to consult the appropriate authorities for you to make the right decision.

How to get Vietnam Visa at the embassy

In case you wish to get the Vietnam visa from the embassy in your country you will have to follow some simple procedures which vary from one country to another.

You can also consult the Vietnam travel offices in your country to help you out with the process of getting the visa.

Vietnam offers two types of visa which are for tourist or for business people who just want to visit the country for business purposes. For the application of tourist Vietnam visa you will have to provide the following to the embassy:

  • Entry permit which you can get from any Vietnam embassy or travel office.
  • Two passports of 4cm x 6cm or 3cm x 4cm measurements.
  • Visa fee which also varies from one country to another.
  • Your original passport or national identity card.

For the business visa, you will need to present a letter from the company that is sponsoring your journey or agency. Submitting the letter personally only takes 2-3 days to complete the process although you can send via email which might take longer though it depends on the country you are making an application form and method of applying.

Vietnam e-visa

The Vietnam authority has an electronic travel authorization in the form of a pdf (e-visa) that you can use while traveling across the country for thirty days, since the day you arrive in the country.

The e-visa is just the same as the real visa although it does not have label or stamp. E-visa is given to people who come to the country to do business, touring or visiting friends.

You must carry the document every time while in the Vietnam, and upon its expiry, you can renew the e-visa.
Visit the Vietnam e-visa government website here.

To get Vietnam e-visa you’ll:

  1. Fulfill required information and upload a scan of your passport.
  2. Pay E-visa fee (25 USD) via electronic payment gateway.
  3. After 3 working days, If being approved for E-visa, you’ll receive an email then print E-visa to enter/exit Vietnam.

What is Vietnam visa on arrival?

You acquire the visa to Vietnam using the visa on arrival option. But you will have to first apply for the visa approval letter online throught many travel agents in Vietnam.

Visa approval letter fees: They will charge for the sevice around 10 USD /per person/ 1 month single, US $20 for 3 months single.

Once you get the approval letter, you will have to print the letter and prepare your 02 recent photos with size 4×6 cm.

The visa approval letter you can travel with it, then you will fill other application forms once you land in Vietnam and pay for the stamping fee.

Stamping fees:

  • US $25/ person/ 1 month or 3 month single entry.
  • US $50/ person/ 1 month multiple or 3 month multiple entry.

Note: To get Vietnam visa on arrival you must enter Vietnam by air to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, Da Nang, Hai Phong, or Nha Trang airport.

What are the Vietnam entry requirements?

On arrival to Vietnam just like in any country, you need to have relevant documents that will enable authorities to identify you, where you come from and what you are coming to do in the Vietnam.

Passport should be valid for 6 months minimum on the date you arrive in Vietnam.

The most important materials include visa (or e-visa) or the approval letter which you apply online to enable you to get the visa on arrival to Vietnam.