The Top Outdoor Activities

Most of the travelers come to Hoi An with a little research about the activities would definitely know the bicycle tours around Hoi An. However, it is not the only outdoor activities Hoi An can offer and there are more interesting activities to take part in. Here are the top activities that are less popular than bicycle tour but could be more amusing for some people:


Top Outdoor Activities in Hoi An - Kayaking

Kayaking in Hoi An

Hoi An is partly similar to Venice or Amsterdam thanks to a river that hem about the centre of the town. Thus, boating on the river could be pretty interesting right? It is good to see the river from the street along with it. But it is even more spectacular when you are floating on the river. In short, this is a great way to escape the crowds on the touristy streets of Hoi An and blend in with the local life’s on the river.
-The Kayak Center (at the rear of Nam Tran Art Craft Village and Café, 125 Ngo Quyen Street),

Blue Coral Diving

Outdoor Activities in Hoi An - Blue Coral Diving

Blue Coral Diving Hoi An

If floating on the river doesn’t excite you enough, diving could be ideal for you. The Blue Coral Diving School is the best diving school you could find in Hoi An. With their well-organized, professional and safe tours, be ready to explore the underwater world with a wide range of coral species and sea animals around Hoi An with no worries at all.
-77 Nguyen Thai Hoc, +84 (0)510-627 9297,

SUP Monkey Hoi An

SUP Monkey Hoi An

SUP Monkey Hoi An

SUP stands for stand-up paddle board. This is a great kind of tour for those who seeks for something different. They offer quite lot of interesting tours based on the paddle board such as Aloha Sunrise (paddle to the East as the sun rises in the early morning), Lotus Lagoon (sightsee the lotuses on your paddle board), Thu Bon Bonanza, Big Kahuna (a 17km loop tour around Cam Thanh) …
-To sign up for these adventures, visit SUP Monkey on 111 Lac Long Quan,

Cinnamon Cruise

Cinnamon Cruises in Hoi An

Cinnamon Cruises Hoi An

Paddling is too much for you? Just go on a cruise. The Cinnamon Cruise is an evening restaurant ship located on 21 Bach Dang Str. And this is not just one plain cruise offer only food for the dinner. There are cooking classes with lunch, there are sunset, relaxing, finger food & cocktail and private sunset dinner cruises for most the tourists’ wide range of needs. Based on the online review from the previous customers, the food here is pleasing, not bad but not as amazing as the other restaurants on the river bank with same price range.

There’re always something special about dining on a cruise and that is the core reason why you should try this if you’re travelling Hoi An with your partner.
-Booking Office: 124 Tran Phu, +84 (0)510-362 3777,