Sa Huynh Culture Museum

Sa Huynh Culture Museum in Hoi An runs from 7:00 to 21:00 every day. Particularly, on the 10th every month, the Museum closes to perform the professional work.

Sa Huynh culture Museum

Sa Huynh Culture Museum

Sa Huynh Culture

It showcases the unique and richest collection in Vietnam with over 1000 artifacts related to the ancient dwellers of the Sa Huynh culture system dating back 2000 years ago – those who are considered as the owners of Hoi An Embryonary Pre-port Town. It has the exchange relationship with the whole Southeast Asia, Southern India, and China.

inside of Sa Huynh Culture Museum

The inside of the Sa Huynh Culture Museum

The Sa Huynh archaeological relics in Hoi An are mainly distributed on the system of dunes – pools, along with the ancient flows. They are mostly derived from river – sea – marshes and are formed by the process of regression, the accretion of sediment.

What to explore in Sa Huynh Culture Museum

Sa Huynh burial jar

Sa Huynh burial jar

The artifacts exhibited in this Sa Huynh Culture Museum have the very reliable archaeological addresses because they come with a system of documents and photos. Thus, they express clearly their locations on the ground and also demonstrate that:

“On the Sa Huynh period, wet rice farming, extraction and processing of river – sea produces, handicrafts such as forging, weaving, carpentry, and jewelry making have quite developed. What’s more, it has clearly expressed the exchange relationship of culture between our country with others in the North, the South, and some other regions. It is said that since this period, Hoi An has been the pre-port town in the Central of Vietnam.”

Sa Huynh spindle whorls - pottery

Sa Huynh spindle whorls – pottery

In particular, Sa Huynh Culture Museum also exhibits some artifacts discovered at the archaeological site Bai Ong – Cu Lao Cham. It proved that from the prehistoric period over 3000 years ago, there were natives here.

In addition, Sa Huynh Culture Museum also reflects other information about burial customs, conceptions of life and death, aesthetic perception, and communicative relationship… of the ancient dwellers of Sa Huynh Culture System in Hoi An Land.

Ticket: include in the Ancient Town’s ticket.
Address: No.149, Tran Phu Street, Hoi An, Vietnam
Opening: Open daily from 7:00 – 21:00

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